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STARRETT Test Blocks and Accessories for Hardness Testers

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STARRETT Test Blocks and Accessories for Hardness Testers 5.09 STARRETT Gage Amplifiers, Hardness Testers, Surface Testers 05.STARRETT

Rockwell Test Blocks
RC63 Test Block - PT05050
RC60 Test Block - PT05051
RC55 Test Block - PT05052
RC50 Test Block - PT05053
RC45 Test Block - PT05054
RC40 Test Block - PT05055
RC35 Test Block - PT05056
RC30 Test Block - PT05057
RC25 Test Block - PT05058
RB90 Test Block - PT05059
RB80 Test Block - PT05060
RB70 Test Block - PT05061
RB60 Test Block - PT05062
RB50 Test Block - PT05063
RB40 Test Block - PT05064
RB30 Test Block - PT05065
RB20 Test Block - PT05067 
RB10 Test Block - PT05068
RA80 Test Block - PT05069 
RA70 Test Block - PT05091
RA60 Test Block - PT05092
RF100 Test Block - PT05100
RF90 Test Block - PT05101
RF80 Test Block - PT05102
RF70 Test Block - PT05103
RF60 Test Block - PT05104
RF50 Test Block - PT05105
RE100 Test Block - PT05106
RE90 Test Block - PT05107
RE80 Test Block - PT05108
RE70 Test Block - PT05112
RE60 Test Block - PT05113
RE50 Test Block - PT05114

HR30N80 Test Block PT05115
HG30N70 Test Block PT05122
HR30N60 Test Block PT05123
HR30N50 Test Block PT05124
HR30N40 Test Block PT05125
HR30T80 Test Block PT05127
HR30T70 Test Block PT05128
HR30T60 Test Block PT05129
HR30T50 Test Block PT05130
HR30T40 Test Block PT05177
HR30T30 Test Block PT05178
HR30T20 Test Block PT05179
HR30T10 Test Block PT05180
HR15N90 Test Block PT05181
HR15N80 Test Block PT05182
HR15N70 Test Block PT05183
HR15T90 Test Block PT05184
HR15T80 Test Block PT05185 
HR15T70 Test Block PT05186
HR15T60 Test Block PT05187
HR45T70 Test Block PT05188
HR45T60 Test Block PT05189
HR45T50 Test Block PT05191
HR45T40 Test Block PT05192
HR45T20 Test Block PT05193
HR45T10 Test Block PT05194
HRH90 Test Block PT05195
HRH80 Test Block PT05196
HRR120 Test Block PT05197 
HR30Y Test Block PT05198
HRM Test Block PT05199
HR15W Test Block PT05200

Brinell Test Blocks
3000kg High Brinell Test Block PT05257
3000kg Low Brinell Test Block PT05258
500kg High Brinell Test Block PT05259
500kg Low Brinell Test Block PT05260

Anvils and Table
Pedestal Anvil PT05267
2-1/2' Flat Anvil PT05268
Small 'V' Anvil PT05269
Large 'V' Anvil PT05270
8' Anvil Testing Table PT05271

Master Calibration Kits
HRC 3-Block Master Calibration Kit PT05272
HR30N 3-Block Master Calibration Kit PT05273
HRB 3-Block Master Calibration Kit PT05276 
C&B Scale 20-Block Master Calibration Kit PT05277
C&30N Scale 6-Block Master Calibration Kit PT05278

'C' Regular, No Thread PT05245
Indentron with Internal Thread PT05246
Versitron/New Age with External Thread PT05247'N' Regular, No Thread PT05248
1/16' (1.6mm) Ball with Holder PT05249
1/8' (1.7mm) Ball Complete with Holder PT05250
1/4' (6.4mm) Ball Complete with Holder PT05251
1/2' (12.7mm) Ball Complete with Holder PT05252
1/16' (1.6mm) Carbide Ball Only, with Certification PT05253
1/8' (1.7mm) Carbide Ball, with Certification PT05254
1/4' (6.4mm) Carbide Ball, with Certification PT05255
1/2' (12.7mm) Carbide Ball, with Certification PT05256
Heavy Load, Vickers 5kg Load PT05261
Heavy Load Indentor Vickers PT05264
Min. Brinell 2 1/2mm Ball PT05265
Min. Brinell Block 187 1/2kg, 2-1/2mm Ball PT05266

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