Alliance Supplies Sdn Bhd
Main Office :
No.7 & 7-1, 9 & 9-1,
Jalan PB 1B,
Taman Puncak Bertam,
75250 Melaka, Malaysia.

Branch (JB):
No. 5, Jalan Banang Satu, Taman Johor Industrial Estate, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Subang Warehouse:
No. 7 Jalan SS13/3E, Subang Jaya Ind. Estate, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Office (Miri):
Lot 604, Ground Floor, Pelita Commercial Centre, Jalan Miri-Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
8.30a.m - 6.00p.m
Monday - Friday


15.01.1 Proguard Safety Helmet-Sirim Approved

15.01.2 Proguard Safety Helmet-Sirim Approved

15.01.3 Proguard Safety Helmet-Sirim Approved

15.01.4 Proguard Safety Helmet and Accessories-Sirim Approved

15.02.1 Safety Eyewear

15.02.2 Safety Eyewear

15.02.3 Safety Eyewear

15.02.4 Safety Eyewear

15.03.1 Safety Helmet With Slotted Earmuff/ Earmuff

15.03.2 Helmet Slotted Earmuff/ Earmuff

15.03.3 Earplugs/ Disposable Foam Earplugs


15.04.1 Full Face Mask/ Particulate Respirators/ 3 Ply Mask

15.04.2 Replacement Filters/ Cartridges

15.04.3 Replacement Cartridges/ Filters

15.04.4 Half Mask Respirator/ Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

15.05.1 Nitrile Gloves/ PVC Gloves/ Insulated Gloves

15.05.2 Disposable Latex Gloves/ Impact Resistant Gloves/ Welding Gloves

15.05.3 Argon Gloves/ Heat Resistant Gloves/ General Application Gloves

15.05.4 Multi-Purpose PVC Coated Gloves, Length: 13Inches, L(Large) Size

15.06.01 Full Body Harness

15.06.02 Full Body Harness

15.06.03 Work Positioning Belt

15.06.04 Spring Lanyard

15.08.1 Heavy Duty Rainsuit/ Raincoat/ Boiler suit/ Disposable Coverall/ Cotton Coverall/ Fire Retardant Coverall

15.08.2 Leather Apron/ Heat Resistant Apron/ Poly-Vinyl Apron/ PVC Apron/ Over-sleeve/ Cut Resistant Sleeve/ Welding Jacket/ Trouser/ Foot Guard

15.08.3 Microgard 2000 Standard Disposable Coverall

15.08.4 Dupont(USA) NOMEX IIIA Flame Resistant Coverall

15.10.1 Wellington Boots/ Executive Uniform Shoes

15.10.2 Safety Shoes/ Ankle-Cut Safety Boots

15.10.3 BOXTER Safety Shoes / Industrial Safety Footwear

15.10.4 BLACK HAMMER Safety Shoes BH0991/BH0993/BH1331/BH1333/BH2331/BH2332/BH2333/BH2334/BH2335/BH2336/BH2881A/BH2881/BH2882A/BH2882/BH4658/BH4659/BH4660/BH4663/BH4664/BH4665/BH4666/BH3651/BH4602/BH4654

15.09.1 High Visibility Safety Vest/ Economy Safety Vest

15.09.2 Marine Life Jackets

15.09.3 Safety Vest/ Traffic Control Equipment

15.09.4 Welding Blanket/ Fire Blanket/ Fireman Axe/ Tissue Roll Wiper

15.11.1 Emergency Pedestal Mounted Eyewash/ Floor Mount Eyewash With Bowl

15.11.2 Emergency Drench Shower With Bowl

15.11.3 Emergency Response/ Eyewash/ Shower/ Accessories

15.11.4 First Aid Kits- OSHA/ Small/ Medium/ Large

15.12.1 Absorbent Pads/ Socks/ Pillow- General/ Oil Only/ Chemical Only

15.12.2 Portable Spill Kit- General/ Oil Only/ Chemical Only (18L/ 120L/ 240L)

15.12.3 Greenwipes - Environmental Friendly Wipes GW-1108/GW-1109/GW-2100


15.13.1 Safety Signages

15.13.2 Safety Signages

15.13.3 Safety Signages

15.13.4 Safety Signages

15.14 PPE Safety Storage Cabinet/ Flammable Storage Cabinet/ Acid Chemical Storage Cabinet/ Corrosive Storage Cabinet


15.15.1 CPA Foundry Protection

CPA Foundry Protection - Primary Protective Clothing

CPA Foundry Protection - Garment Design Options

CPA Foundry Protection - Jacket Lengths / Head & Face Protection


Kleenguard A30 Breathable Splash & Particle Protection Coverall

Kleenguard A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Apparel

Jackson Safety G40 Coated Gloves

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