Alliance Supplies Sdn Bhd
Main Office :
No.7 & 7-1, 9 & 9-1,
Jalan PB 1B,
Taman Puncak Bertam,
75250 Melaka, Malaysia.

Branch (JB):
No. 5, Jalan Banang Satu, Taman Johor Industrial Estate, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Subang Warehouse:
No. 7 Jalan SS13/3E, Subang Jaya Ind. Estate, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Office (Miri):
Lot 604, Ground Floor, Pelita Commercial Centre, Jalan Miri-Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
8.30a.m - 6.00p.m
Monday - Friday



1.01.0 SNAP-ON Tool Storage Intro

1.02.0 Hand Tools Intro

1.03.0 SNAP-ON Power Tools Intro

SP TOOLS (Australia)

2.01 SP Tools Storage Solution

2.02 SP Tools Tool Kits

2.03 SP Tools Socket and Accessories

3.1.1 Defelsko Positector 200 Coating Thickness Gauge(On Wood,Plastic,Concrete,Fibreglass & more)

3.1.2 Defelsko Positector 6000 Coating Thickness Gauge(On All Metal-Ferrous & Non Ferrous)

3.1.3 Defelsko Positector PC- Powder Checker (Non-Contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge)

3.1.4 Defelsko PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge

PROCEQ Equotip Piccolo / Bambino 2

PROCEQ Equotip 550 Portable Hardness Tester - Leeb / Rockwell / UCI

PROCEQ Equotip 550 Portable Rockwell

4.4.1 PROCEQ Zonotip Zonotip+ Coating Thickness Gauge

STARRETT Precision Tools CAT 33

5.01 STARRETT Micrometers

5.02 STARRETT Slide Calipers

5.03 STARRETT Height Gages

6.02.1 CP Impact & Ratchet Wrenches

6.01.1 CP Bolting

6.02.2 CP Nutrunners & Fastening

6.01.2 CP Nutrunners

7.21 YATO Power & Gasoline Tools

7.12 YATO Tap & Die

7.14 YATO Grinding Tools

7.15 YATO Hydraulic Tools


08.01.1 Cutting Tools- Sherwood, SwissTech, Kennedy, Senator, Yamaloy, Swiss Burr, Indexa Seiki

08.02 Abrasives

08.03 Power Tools

09.01.1 Cutting Tools

09.02.1 Abrasives & Power Tools

09.03.1 Fluid Power

09.04.1 Precision and Laboratory Equipment

10.13.1 Circular Saw Guide L Angle

10.16.1 Thermometer & Hygrometer

10.15.1 Scribing Needle

10.13.2 Circular Saw Guide T Slide

FETRA (Germany) Transport Equipment/ Material Handling

11.01 Dollies With Gooseneck Handles

11.01.1 Dollies With Gooseneck Handles

11.01.2 Small Dollies/ Bale Cradle Dollies

The Precision Metrology

Portable Digital Densitometer DT-100

Smart Handy LED Industrial Film Viewer FV-2013

Portable Dual LED Film Viewer/ X-Ray Film Viewer With Densitometer(2 In 1) FV-2009T

13.06.1 Gedore TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers

13.06.2 Gedore Torque Application Tools

13.06.3 Gedore Torque Multipliers

13.06.4 Gedore Torque Calibration Tools

AMPCO Safety Tools (Switzerland)/ Non-Sparking Tools

14.00 AMPCO Quick Reference Guide

14.01 AMPCO Non-Sparking Wrenches, Spanners, Adjustable Wrenches

14.02 AMPCO Non-Sparking Sockets, Impacts, Hex Keys, Hook, Coupling, Valve-wheel, Bung Wrenches

JSP EVO3 Safety Helmet

JSP Hardcap Aerolite Bump Cap

JSP PowerCap Active

JSP Filterspec

15.01.1 Proguard Safety Helmet-Sirim Approved

15.11.1 Emergency Pedestal Mounted Eyewash/ Floor Mount Eyewash With Bowl

15.12.1 Absorbent Pads/ Socks/ Pillow- General/ Oil Only/ Chemical Only

15.14 PPE Safety Storage Cabinet/ Flammable Storage Cabinet/ Acid Chemical Storage Cabinet/ Corrosive Storage Cabinet

16.1 4-Drum Spill Pallet/ 2-Drum Spill Pallet/ 1-Drum Spill Pallet

16.2 4-Drum Roll-Top Spill Pallet/ Spill Pallet Covers/ Spill Pallet Ramps

16.3 2-Drum Spill Deck/ 4-Drum Square Spill Deck

16.4 4-Drum In-Line Spill Deck/ 1-Drum Floorbund/ Compact Spill Deck Ramp/ Large Spill Deck Ramp

17.00 DENIOS Intro

17.01.1 Spill Trays for Small Containers in Steel and Stainless Steel

17.01.2 Spill Pallets in Steel for Drums and Small Containers

17.01.3 Spill Pallets for Drums and Small Containers in Stainless Steel

17.01 Explosion-Proof Mining Lights

17.02 Fixed Explosion-Proof Lights

17.03 Fixed Professional Lights

17.04 Fixed Emergency Lights

The Manufacturer Of High Voltage Coupler


Heavy Duty Impact Striking Wrench(Flat & Offset)/ Slogging Spanner/ Hammer Wrench-MM & INCH

Heavy Duty Combination Spanners - Metrics and Inches

Heavy Duty Ratchet Wrenches 14mm-46mm

Heavy Duty Open End Wrenches - Metrics & Inches

Lifting & Rigging Gear

Chain Sling/ Accessories

Medium Link/ G43/ Stainless Steel Chains

Webbing Products Specification

Fiber Glass Single Pole Ladder (Non-Conductive Ladder)

Fibre Glass Double Extension Ladder (Non-Conductive Double Extension Ladder)

Full Fibre Glass Single Pole Ladder (Non-Sparking Industrial Ladder)

Single Sided Ladder & Double Sided Ladder

Scent Diffuser

Stainless Steel + Mild Steel Powder Coating Recycle Bins

Mobile Garbage Bins/ Foot Pedal Bins

HDPE/ Polyethylene/ Fiberglass Recycle Bins

20.1 Inverter Generator Set/ Portable Gasoline Generator

20.2 Gasoline Generator/ Heavy Duty Gasoline Generator/ Inverter Generator/ Engine Oil/ Compressor Oil

20.3 Diesel Generator Set

20.4 Lighting Tower/ Diesel Welding Generator

24.01.1 Introduction & Overview

24.02.1 Introduction & Overview

24.03.1 Introduction & Overview

24.04.1 Introduction & Overview

WD-40 Multi-Purpose Spray / Anti-Rust / Lubricants

WD-40 Multi-Use Spray Full Range Of Products

ANCHOR Aerosols (Applications:Hardness Test/Adhesion Test/Impact Test/Gloss Check/QC Control/etc)

ANCHOR Aerosols - Trusted Brand Since 1982

Bazaar Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profile Open Back

Aluminium Profile Rectangular Hollow

Aluminium Profile Square Hollow

HELIOS Air Flow Volume Stabiliser VKH

HELIOS Duct Components & Sound Insulation

HELIOS Roof & Wall Appliances

HELIOS Grilles

30.4.7 Custom Lifting Solutions

30.4.6 Support Structures

30.4.5 Handling Devices / End Effectors

30.4.4 Balancers

KARCHER Professional | Agriculture

KARCHER Professional | Auto Range

KARCHER Professional Range 2019


27.01 SELCO Automations Robotics

27.02 SELCO EasyArc

27.03 SELCO EN 1090

SELCO Genesis 2700 3200 4000 5000 TLH

SATA Professional Hand Tools

SATA Tool Storage With Tray Set

SATA Tool Storage

SATA Socket and Drive Tool

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